This page refers to the adult, Osomatsu-San version of Totoko. Click here for the Osomatsu-Kun version, where the Matsuno sextuplets are 10-year-old fifth graders instead of NEETs.
Totoko Yowai is the main heroine of the Osomatsu-San franchise.

Similar to Canon!Matsu, she has a two-faced personality and selfish attitude, often showing her worse side when things wouldn't go her way. From there, however, she diverts.

She only acts the way she does in her franchise, but if things don't go the way she wants them to, she will not hesitate to let her inner witch come out. While she acts like she doesn't care for the Matsuno sextuplets, she honestly can't bear to go without them.

History Edit

She follows the Osomatsu-San Script, therefore her timeline/history is pretty final... Unless a Chairman steps in to change anything.

To learn more about the Osomatsu-San timeline, just watch the anime. There are around 25 canonical episodes, along with a few bonus ones, such as Episode 3.5, which you can find in the above link, along with Episode 26 (which has been rewritten under Osomatsu's request).