"Truffula Storm" is a pencil-written script that originates from, and takes place, in Room C2. It's a redundant script by default, but it can easily become a beneficial one with the right characters.

The Script Edit

"Truffula Storm" is split up into three parts.

  1. Sound of Rain
  2. Stormy!
  3. Sunny Aftermath

As the script progresses, the Once-Ler can develop a relationship with characters from other franchises. They're gonna be stuck in his cottage for a while, so they might as well embrace the homey atmosphere!

Summarizing the Script Edit

  1. It's a normal day in the Truffula forest; Once-Ler is doing his own thing in his humble abode. Barbaloots, swomee swans, and hummingfish are all enjoying the environment that they rightfully call theirs. Once receives a visitor, and they're approaching him for whatever reason-- mostly to talk to him. It's started to sprinkle, however, signalizing that they need to do what they need to and skedaddle. Soon enough, they find Once and say what they need to. By the time they do so, though, the sprinkling's escalated into rain; the temperature's dropped, too. Seeing as they could get sick, Once quickly invites(more like drags) them into his cottage, figuring it's an easier destination than leaving the forest.
  2. The rainfall's only going to escalate into a storm-- the Truffula Storm, which would practically trap Once and the character inside. Even if the character tried to, they wouldn't be able to leave his house until the storm was over; Once-Ler would insist that they stayed to keep warm. It might seem clingy, but he just doesn't really want them getting hurt. This leads up to the purpose of the script: developing the Once-Ler, whether it's for himself or the relationship between him and the character.
  3. After a great while, perhaps a day or so in C2 time, the non-C2 character is able to leave the Ler-cottage. Based on what happened inside it, the character and Once now have a relationship of some sort. Good or bad, they got to know each other, and there's an increase in Once's development.

In a Nutshell Edit

Sometimes, the weather channel is a nice thing to check.

In Truffula Storm...

  • Once-Ler will have a chance to develop.
  • The beanpole will also be able to establish a relationship.
  • The Non-C2 character will have the opportunity to learn about the thneed.

What makes it so redundant outside of C2? Edit

Well, the script itself wasn't really designed to do much of anything. All it does is help develop the Once-Ler's character and possibly help him bond with other characters. See, Once isn't very popular, so he doesn't want to leave his franchise room if he's just going to get bombarded with hate...

How can the script change to be dangerous/beneficial? Edit

It all depends on the character who's seeing the thneed guy!