Timelines are one of the key elements that make up The Place. Every single franchise has its own, and they are made up of scripts. Any and every timeline can intersect and clash with another, which is where crossing over comes into play-- and when that happens, multiple timelines are affected, for better or for worse.

The Place itself has its own timeline, which is a combination of all the timelines, called the Multiline.

Vocabulary Edit

  • Timeline screws - Characters who are the most involved with the timeline.
  • Timeline screwer - Someone who is capable of messing around with the timeline; it applies to everyone, really, but there are just some individuals who can really play around due to their level of 'Importance'.
  • Timeline screwable - Someone who has a strong connection to their franchise's timeline. If anything happens, they'd know for sure. (Past tense being "Timeline screwed", which goes to imply that the character has already been damaged.)