Therd Ler is a fanmade interpretation of Once Ler's father.


Therd Ler does not have a canonically established past. The only pieces of information we know of is that he met Isabella Ler in high school and that he graduated while she did not.

He and his wife could barely hold a roof over their heads as they raised their children. Technically speaking, they could've had seven little Lers, but only four of them made it-- one died later in life.

Mr. Therd Ler was an ambitious man with big dreams and a big, childish heart. He loved his family to bits, but he and Isabella would constantly get into arguments, which is what destroyed the bond between them. That, however, did not make him love his children or her any less. He'd always hold them close...

After Mrs. Therd-Ler divorced him, he found himself doing his own thing. He became a contributor to the art world due to his ability to write and sing.

What're they like? Edit

Therd is a playful man with a kind spirit. He's loving/lovable, caring, understanding, and willing to help when needed. He tends to be quite the laid back man. Perhaps a little TOO laid back at times.... It's in the Ler bloodline to be flirtatious and a pervert. He is a ball of energy and loves being social. He tends to look at things from an optimistic perspective. He gets enthusiastic about things, too! With his spontaneity and mysteriousness, he is a very interesting man.

He's always loved writing, whether it was for music to play on his guitar, or for novels that he would drabble for fun. Then again, due to his awareness of his greatness, he likes creating in general. He's a total geek, and he embraces that fact!

He enjoys spending time with Once, his brothers, and other kids in general. He was the 'cool dad' amongst fathers.

Because of his disgust for disorganization, cleaning up is a big trait that he holds onto. And while he wasn't a big drinker, he still had the tendancy to do so-- a shot or two, just for giggles, y'know?