This is a NSFW page. Proceed with caution.

As lame as the room sounds, it's anything but.

The Outfitter, also known as Room G2, is one of the non-franchise rooms of The Place. Characters can head on over if and when they wanna get it on, especially if they can't in their room.

The room's door appears to be black with some purple and pink lighting. The numbers are near the top of the door. 'G2' appears to have the Satisfy font, boldened. As for color, it's in red, and it's REALLY shiny, almost blindingly so. Its icon is a dollar followed by a spilling wine glass. The knob has a softish feel to it as if it was a breast.


Anyone who enters will find themselves in a strip club like setting. As they look around, there are hallways that lead to bedrooms, along with a bar.

This room is anti-judgment, meaning anything and everything is allowed. This includes incest, age-gaps(though, the room isn't recommended for those under the age of consent under the rules of their franchise/country), selfcest, Friends With Benefits(FWB), One Night Stands(ONS), and everything else you can think of! Nothing is considered taboo in The Outfitter! And any kinks that anybody may or may not have are permitted, too, preferably with consent. This is everyone's time to feel free.