The Chairmen are the leaders of The Place as a whole. They are capable of doing what ordinaries can't. They...

  • Can directly work with scripts. How else will development occur?
  • May import new franchise rooms. The more, the merrier!
  • Know every little detail about every character. As creepy as it sounds, it's kinda their job to know the ins and outs.
  • Are practically gods/goddesses. They watch over everybody and everything. They know what's happening, what has happened, and what will happen.
  • Are capable of overseeing, whether they can be heard or not.

However, despite their abilities, chairmen...

  • Will temporarily lose their privileges as they enter Room F2. They gotta fit in with everybody, y'know? ...That won't stop them from breaking the fourth wall.
  • Aren't immune to any Place diseases. I said practically gods/goddesses...
  • Are about as powerful as they look outside of their office... let that sink in.

There are only four chairmen, and two in which share the same first name...

So, who do you wanna know more about?

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