The Assistants work alongside the leaders. They have lower capabilities than them, but they still possess power The Place as a whole. They...

  • Can indirectly work with scripts. Gotta add that extra detail!
  • May work with the Chairmen to develop The Place further.
  • Are kept in the loop. They might not know what the chairmen do, but they know how to keep everything in order.
  • Are second in command, therefore they're in charge of the Chairmen's Room while the leaders are away. This does NOT give them ultimate permissions.

However, despite their abilities, assistants will lose the same permissions as chairmen. As in, they...

  • Will temporarily lose their privileges as they enter Room F2. They gotta fit in with everybody, y'know? ...That won't stop them from breaking the fourth wall.
  • Aren't immune to any Place diseases, even if they are capable of curing them.
  • Are about as powerful as they look outside of the office... let that sink in.

There are only two assistants...

So, who do you wanna know more about?