In The Place, there are a variety of different ships.

First, we have the strength levels.

  • Canoe
  • Galley
  • Galleon
  • Cruiser

And then we have the conditions.

  • Anchored
  • Sailing
  • Sinking

Strength levels Edit

Canoes are the weakest kind of ship. It's based on two people, and they have to pull their own weights to keep themselves afloat. It's commonly used for uncommon/unlikely/crack ships.

Galleys are for developing ships(it's preferred for coupled ships). They can't get too far, as they can only go over shallow waters. Once they develop more, the ship's intimacy can increase(therefore getting them a bigger boat).

Galleons are advanced galleys, as they can go over deeper waters. They can shoot at those who try to sink their ship, as they're pretty confident between themselves.

Cruisers are the best kind of ship. It's the best for polyamorous ships, as they can smoothly sail over the toughest of oceans. They're everything a ship could ever want or need.

Conditions Edit

Anchored ships are undeveloped/underdeveloped ships. The pairings aren't going to get anywhere if they don't cooperate.

Sailing ships are secure, as they can develop. It's important that sailing ships stay sailing; if it gets anchored or threatens to sink, the ship is in danger.

Sinking ships are worse than anchored ones, as they have some sort of development. If nothing is done about it, the pairings will fall out of love, and it could damage their character.

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