Do not be mistaken! Serge Durandal uses this name as a moniker due to Room E2's scripting.

Randy March was a famous wizard that attended Gedonelune Academy before he went 'missing' six years prior to the beginning of the game. Not much is known about him, except for the fact that he was Serge's best friend, and was familiar with Klaus.

History Edit

His childhood memories are unknown, however, it has been hinted that he's always had a thing for magic, even as a mini March. He attended Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy as a student. His magic was great, and it got him plenty of attention. During his time at the academy, he befriended Serge Durandal and Klaus Goldstein, with the former being his best friend and buddy.

Serge and Randy were very ambitious wizards and often performed magical experiments together. One of those included finding an easier way to summon powerful magical creatures, such as unicorns. One day, however, the summoning experiment went terribly wrong, as the pair messed up on their summoning circle and accidentally summoned a basilisk, which petrified Randy, turning him to stone, rendering him in a state akin to death.

Personality Edit

The only way to find this out is if you're Liz Hart, or if you ask him. Or, if you're Liz Hart and ask him, or ask him for Liz Hart-- you get the point.

Randy and Serge

Serge and Randy in a carem flower field.