In The Place, there are a variety of different species. One of them happen to be called 'Pinkercats'.

Typically, a Pinkercat is a short anthropomorphic cat with, well, pink fur. They usually have white markings as well as unique facial structures, markings, and hair tufts.

They're usually passive aggressive, mostly because of their inability to fight on their own. They are limited in terms of combat due to their design.

  • Pinkercats have claws similar to a house cat.
  • The teeth of a Pinkercat are meant to chew things non-meat.
  • Every Pinkercat has at least one fluffy tail.
  • While their ears are big, they don't make for a good weapon.
  • Punching is out of the question. So is kicking.

Every Pinkercat possesses ultrasonic hearing due to the size of their ears. They are capable of hearing things twice as clearly, loudly, and sooner than others, which puts them in a good spot for roles. From being a security guard to being an eavesdropper for the Chairmen.

The statistics an average Pinkercat has are called Pinkerperks. In other words, every Pinkercat is a vegan and has ultrasonic hearing.

Pinkercat ListEdit

*These are hybrid Pinkercats.