The Library is a relatively big, non-franchise-based room on the fifth floor. By default, the room is pretty dark, but the simple flick of a light can brighten the room up in a jiffy. The first thing anyone's gonna notice when they walk in is the air; it's so clear! Each shelf seems to have a distinct smell as if giving a prolog of some sort...

The room has some wooden tables, four cushioned chairs for each one. There are tissues and flowers in the center of each table... There are a couple pillowed armchairs as well.

For whatever reason, there are bookmarks strewn all over the place... Generous soul, maybe?


If the Multiline is damaged, then The Library's condition can become anything but bright.

  • The calm atmosphere will have a sudden pressure-like feeling.
  • The fresh air could become polluted, and hurt the lungs of those who inhale it if they are prone.
  • Its accessibility could be taken away.