Danielle "Dani" Girl is the muscular protagonist in the Team Three Star franchise.

She is one of the three main protagonists that give Room C3 its name.

History Edit

Dani Girl was just your average Triangulator growing up, but when puberty struck hardcore at age 11, she found herself working out every day beyond her body's potential-- and because she exercised so much, she wasn't able to focus on her education. No wonder she isn't so bright...

She focused so much on her top half, however, and has an unproportionate body. She's been teased many times about leg day, but she just laughs with her teasers.

At 13, she met the two who are now her roommates: Angel Maxmillion and Cuddles Pinkercat.

In a storyboard created by the Chairmen, Dani Girl has met Karamatsu Matsuno, and is a huge KaramAngel shipper.