As characters develop, they are capable of the following...

  • Staying loyal to their script; they are as canon as they can get with some minor inaccuracies.
  • Diverting from their original persona; it's an adaptation method. It's interesting.
  • Becoming stuck between how they're canonically developed versus how they develop in The Place.

Some examples include...

Sonic the Hedgehog - Loyal Edit

While there are some inaccuracies to his character, he is kept true to his canonical personality. He's a cool dude with a big attitude with a big heart to match. He's always down for adventures, and won't give up any fights as long as the voice inside drives him to run and fight! Once a hero, always a hero; he's willing to do anything in his power to keep Mobius safe-- and this lifestyle juts into The Place, too, considering how it carries both his franchise along with those that he's been crossed with.

Once Ler - Diverts Edit

His character is pretty underdeveloped in his franchise. There are some attributes to him that stayed in order for him to at least seem somewhat himself, such as his love for marshmallows, his guitar talent, and his desire to make the thneed popular. His personality is a bit different in order for him to have a proper development path. He's a secretive sweetheart and has a genuine sense of respect for other characters, especially the chairmen. Even then, however, he has unwritten pages.

Todomatsu Matsuno - Stuck Edit

Oh boy. This sextuplet, along with Ichimatsu, both divert and stay true to their scripts. It's a confusing form of development, as it takes patience to balance out the character: when do they act canonical, fanonical, both, or neither? Todomatsu himself claims that his personality in Osomatsu-San is artificial, as he only acts like that! It's not who he is! He's just following what his script tells him to... It's for that reason that he acts differently in The Place than he does in his franchise.

Roles/Niches Edit

As time progresses, characters can receive a sense of power. Whether it's given to them or they develop it, they can have a role assigned. Some of these roles are...

  • Leaders(For Chairmen only)
  • Assistants(Chairman-assigned only)
  • (Main) Protagonist (e.g. heroes)
  • Co-tagonist (e.g. students)
  • Minor character (e.g. parental figures)
  • Background (e.g. underdeveloped characters)