It's recommended that you read about CharCor before clicking here; it'll clear things up.
Because there are so many different causes for CharCor, different types have been tracked. There are dangers/hintings of such, scripted or otherwise.

There are four main corruption types.

  • LUST TYPE (Not to be mistaken for/with Aphrovilate!)


Sanity-based corruptions change the mental state of how characters view those around them. Are they unworthy of life? Is everyone fine, except for ONE particular person? Is it flip-floppity depending on the crowd? Well, it all turns upside-down when CharCor hits.

Type A Edit

  • Yanderes become Tsunderes and vice versa.
  • Derederes become Danderes and vice versa.
  • Himederes become Kuuderes and vice versa.

Type B Edit

  • Certain quirks of a character will be compromised(e.g. security/anxiety swap).
  • Can be linked with foreshadowing, hyperboles, and allusions.

Their faith in everyone in The Place will change.


Esteem-based corruptions change the mental state of how characters view themselves. Do they think highly? Do they think lowly? Do they have a healthy sense, but not too high? CharCor comes in, and nothing's for sure...

  • Self-consciousness turns to self-confidence and vice versa.
  • Reassurance boosts can become more or less frequent.
  • The purpose can change; are the boosts impactful, or are they just there for show?

Their faith in themselves will change.

Examples of ESTEEM TYPE cases Edit


Greed-based corruptions change the mental state of how characters use their powers. Are they modest about them? How strong are their powers? Are they an important contributor to The Place? Either way, CharCor's here to screw everything up!

  • Weak characters become strong and vice versa.
  • Those who didn't figure out what to use their abilities for, let alone how, now know how to use it and what for.
  • Desire can increase or decrease, too!

Examples of GREED TYPE cases Edit

Their power stats will change.


Lust-based corruptions change the mental state of how characters view themselves and... those around them. Do they fall in love? Are they known to infatuate? If they happen to get into a relationship, is it healthy? ...Let's hear what CharCor has to say.

  • Loving characters become lusty, and vice versa.
  • Those who put some thought and dedication into those they like will simply become infatuators.
  • The health within relationships can become compromised based on what kind of people the characters are.
  • Those who were once touchy-feely now abstain, and vice versa.

Their desires will change.