The Chairmen's Room is the room in which the chairmen reside; it can be found in the Main Hall. it's designed similarly to a suite; a bedroom for each chairman, along with a master's bathroom. There's a roomy living room that they all share, which is what characters walk into upon entering.

The 'Living Room' has both a roomy atmosphere and an office-like atmosphere. There's a sofa along with a cozy fireplace. There's also a relatively organized desk with a comfy chair to work in.

In the back, there are two doors, both in which lead to the little living areas the chairmen have. There is an out-of-place door between them...

In the far back, there is a hospitalizing area for when a character is in need, whether it's to get a thing of Tylenol for a headache, or if they've been badly wounded. The room can also be used for timeline-impacting changes, such as injuries, inopportune illnesses, death, birth, and so on.