This is a NSFW page. Proceed with caution.

Aphrovilate isn't really considered a disease, but it changes a key quality that every character has: a sex-drive.

It's a non-lethal chemical that is only able to enter a body through direct injection. While it doesn't cause any damage to the body, it greatly influences the host's mind, causing them to gain vast sexual knowledge.

The chemical enhances the sensitivity of the host's private parts. Their tolerance during sexual intercourse will increase, resulting in stronger orgasms.


  • The chemical stays in the body from the time it has been injected, to the time of the host's death.
  • The host will go into phases of what are called Aphrovile Crazed. During this phase, the host's eyes will turn into an unmistakable shade of magenta and will have unquenchable thirst for sex.
  • No legitimate vaccine is known, but it's been said that giving the host some Plandinese Poison works... It's not recommended, however, as the host has a high chance of dying. The poison attacks the person instead of the aphrovilate.